Brand Identity, Rebranding

Brand Identity for "Sitio"


About Project

Sitio is a web governance platform that enables companies to control the quality of their digital assets. They are able to find broken links, misspellings, grammar issues among other problems in order to have a clean, professional experience.

Detecting website issues can be difficult and time consuming. Sitio makes this process extremely easy and automates the scanning for our customers.


Our Solution

After conducting thorough competitor research, we made a deliberate choice to differentiate ourselves as much as possible. As a result, we opted for a green-blue color scheme instead of the conventional blue and purple shades.

Additionally, we made the decision to forgo an icon in our logo and instead created a font-based design, incorporating stylization on the final letter.

The outcome is a sleek and minimalist design that strikes a balance between being vibrant and approachable, without being overly demanding.

About Us
We are a group of enthusiasts who came out of the marketing world.
We know what customers think and want, and we implement this knowledge in the design field.