Brand Identity

Brand Identity for "Urban Slice"


UrbanSlice is a pizzeria with traditions and history that has decided to elevate itself to a new level. Signature recipes perfected over the years set them apart from other similar restaurants, making the preservation of authenticity a primary requirement.

The most challenging task was combining historical elements, a modern approach, and a sense of luxury. It is from this challenge that we began our work.

Our Solution

First and foremost, we started with an analysis of competitors, their design, and positioning. As a result, we discovered that most pizzerias also have a historical heritage, but that's all they emphasize, making them look like old-fashioned establishments.

The main problem with this approach is positioning. With a similar design, it's very difficult to move into a more expensive segment and present oneself as an elite restaurant.

That's why for UrbanSlice, we started looking for a style that could convey the spirit of elitism. Our choice settled on the Art Deco style. It's an artistic movement from the first half of the 20th century. The main features of this movement are luxury, glamour, geometric patterns, and precious materials.


About Us
We are a group of enthusiasts who came out of the marketing world.
We know what customers think and want, and we implement this knowledge in the design field.