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Coinlaunch UI/UX Case

About Coinlauch

Coinlaunch functions as a consolidation platform that gathers upcoming projects set for ICO, IEO, IDO, and similar avenues. It assesses these projects using over 80 metrics and presents them within a comprehensive rating system. This evaluation provides valuable assistance to cryptocurrency investors in making well-informed decisions regarding their potential investments. Additionally, for a holistic understanding, the platform ranks investment funds involved with projects, launchpads utilized for project launches, and influencers connected to these ventures.​​​​​​​

Our Approach

Our approach began with a niche analysis for our product, considering its lack of direct competitors. We then determined the project's overarching style. Despite being an aggregator analytical platform, it was crucial for the design to align with current trends and cater to the specific requirements of the cryptocurrency sphere. Subsequently, a significant portion of our efforts went into crafting prototypes that effectively and intuitively present extensive data sets to users. This involved iterative user testing, focus group sessions, and continuous refinement of the prototypes. Finally, we undertook the task of designing the platform itself. This step involved infusing style and colors while preserving the essential user experience (UX) aspect. The resulting outcome can be observed below.

About Us
We are a group of enthusiasts who came out of the marketing world.
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